UPDATE: RE “Warrior Is” (2017). Here is a digital version of “Who a Warrior Is” which is an in-depth magazine article which has just been released on Tuesday MAY 19, 2020 about our book “WARRIOR IS” and about how and why the co-authors Harley L. Zephier and Robin L. Zephier wrote the life story of their great grandfather Mato Niyanpi/Saved By Bear. The article was written by a talented writer,  Maren Chaloupka and is entitled “WHO A WARRIOR IS”. It is now appearing in the Spring 2020 Issue of the magazine called “The Warrior” which is the official magazine of the Trial Lawyers College (TLC). We are excited to see it come out in publication and in digital format. Look for it at www.warrioris.com, www.scarleg.com and facebook.com/scarleglakota.  You can open the link below also.


Who a Warrior Is by Maren Chaloupka (TLC 1999)

We are also hopeful that this article/story will help us gain more interest in the Book and Great Grandfather’s life story, but also will let readers, visitors and interested people and entities, to know more also about our plans to make the book and story into a major motion picture and to establish and build our own Culture Camp/Spiritual Camp in the sacred He Sapa (Black Hills/Black Mountains) in our spiritual and aboriginal lands in southwestern South Dakota.  Links to the story, the Book “WARRIOR IS”, the magazine article “Who a Warrior Is”, and to the various opportunities to help and join us by contributing to these efforts and projects, all can be found at www.warrioris.com, www.scarleg.com, and the Scar Leg Facebook page at facebook.com/scarleglakota.  Thank you for your interest and for following us in these endeavors. Bless you all, and may you and your families and loved ones be healthy and safe in these challenging times.


Toksa ake

Robin L. Zephier
Harley L. Zephier
Co-authors of “WARRIOR IS”

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Warrior Is

Warrior Is