The Author

Harley L. Zephier and Robin L. Zephier, brothers, are great-grandsons of Mato Niyanpi/Saved By Bear and are members of the Mnincoju Lakota people. Both live in South Dakota.


Harley L. Zephier (“Wanbli Hoksila”/Eagle Boy) was born November 28th, 1956 in a little town called Faith, South Dakota.

My bloodline is Mnincoju Lakota from the Great Plains of North America.

Here I began my growing and searching for identity and rightful place among the humans. We come from medicine families, practiced from the first of all of our generations in time. I and my brother Robin have been asked to become the storytellers of our tradition and culture. As a child I listened and learned from family elders, about the importance of keeping our world alive, through belief and connection to Creator. I have spent many decades of immersion and practice as the man in need of understanding, and participating in male passage ceremonies.

To begin with the sweat lodge, to cry for vision on the hill, to dance to the sun for the people of every direction. Proud to be a human being. Know you are family! All my Relation, Thank You.


Robin L. Zephier (“Sungila Sapa”; Black Fox) was born on August 4, 1961.  He lives with his wife Patti, and their little JoJo in the sacred He Sapa (Black Hills) in Rapid City, South Dakota.  He is Mnincoju Lakota.  Harley and Robin’s parents are Alverda Bagola Zephier and Harley D. Zephier, Sr. of Aberdeen, S.D., and they are a gift to us all.  Harley and Robin have five siblings: Linda, Loren, Whitley, Darin and Lanni. Robin enjoys writing, hiking, reading, site seeing, drawing, sports of all kinds, and activism for indigenous causes, Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) protection, and Lakota right and issues.  Robin is an attorney in South Dakota, but chooses to view himself first as a human being and a child of Creator, and not by any professional label. WARRIOR IS, is Robin’s first published book, but he is working on many other writing projects including the screenplay for Warrior Is, and the sequel novel which has yet to be published or released.

Warrior Is

Warrior Is